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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Marvel Civil War #1 Review

Am I the only person who is not that thrilled with the first issue of Civil War? I actually enjoyed the second half of the story more, but several things in the first part of the book annoyed me. [SPOILER ALERT] In this review, I am going to talk about certain parts of the story line. If you haven't read it yet and don't want to know what happens, then don't read any further. I think you pretty much get the gist that I am less than thrilled from the above anyway. Moving on...

Okay so, in the first part of the story, a villian called Nitro explodes taking out a school. This causes outrage against superheroes across America. After the explosion, several former Avengers show up in costume to clean up and discuss the issues at hand. This is my first problem. The Avengers were disbanded and then a new group of Avengers were formed. Why are all the old Avengers showing up now all of a sudden? I guess I can buy that this recent tragedy brought them together, but it was also tragedy that made them all leave.

Next, is the outrage of the American citizens. The whole thing feels contrived to me. On the east coast, where this is all taking place, most Americans are liberal, peace-niks. It is middle America, where most conservative Americans reside, that I would believe to be more upset about something like this. Instead, we are led to believe that a bunch of club-goers beat the crap out of Johnny Storm and call him a 'baby killer' because he is a superhero? These people would probably be mostly college students. When has this ever happened? I am not buying it.

Immediately after that, we see the heroes all together discussing the current events. In the last 3 issues of Amazing Spider-man, Tony Stark travels to Washington to convince the Senate not to enact a superhero registration act. Now we find out he is in favor of it. What is going on here? I find this again hard to believe.

The second part is where it gets good. Now we see Captain America taking on Shield after they try to force him to arrest superheroes that defy the government. To me, this was totally believable, and the ensuing action sequence is great. This redeemed the story for me.

Finally, I won't spoil the last page, but if you read it, you will know what I am referring to. This to me is only more confusing, and it seems like something fishy is going on here.

Initially, I wasn't going to buy this book, but once I found out Mark Millar was writing it, I broke down and signed up. There are several things that annoy me but for now I am going to read it all the way through. I don't plan on buying any of the other 20 tie-ins though, except for Spider-man, Wolverine and New Avengers, which I normally read anyway.

If you are thinking about picking up Civil War, you probably should. Even with all the problems, the important events taking place in this storyline will have huge effects in the Marvel universe. Therefore, I think it is too important to pass up.

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