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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Marvel Legends up for Sale on eBay

I am selling some fairly new Marvel Legends figures on eBay. Up for sale are series 12 Bishop, Maestro, Sasquatch variant and X-23 variant, all loose. I am also selling an unopened Ultron from series 11. Go to my Marvel Legends auctions on eBay if you are interested. Thanks.

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Hasbro and Marvel Toys At Ny Comic Con

Hasbro Picks The Mind's Of Collectors About Marvel Toys At NY Comic Con from Comic News International reports that:

"Hasbro representatives were on hand this weekend at the New York Comic convention distributing detailed surveys for patrons to to fill out. The 5-page survey had questions asking what you like/dislike about the current Marvel-based products, how much you collect, what other toylines you like, etc. etc. It also asked about your favorite Marvel titles and charcaters and what figures you want to see made."

Looks like Hasbro is very concerned about what fans want to see from them. This is looking good for fans and collectors. I should note that anything Hasbro starts now will not be seen on the shelves for a while due to the fact that it takes more than a year to produce a toy line.

Hasbro does not actually take over the line until 2007, so it could be the middle or end of the year before we see any results of this input. However, Hasbro is probably making plans on how they want to release already developed stuff they may receive from ToyBiz and will probably use collector input for these things.

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2006 NY Comic Con Coverage Begins!

NY Comic Con Coverage at Comic News International has great coverage of the comic convention going on in New York right now. They have an extensive image gallery featuring Marvel and ToyBiz, new Marel mini-mates, and more. They also have coverage of Marvel and DC at the Con, including Marvel's up coming Civile War.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

DC Direct Action Figure Release Dates

DC Direct Action Figure Release Dates at TNI has a list of upcoming DC Direct figures and when they will be released in 2006. A lot of these are new and debuted at Toy Fair this week.

  • Batman:Knightfall Series 1: - Azrael as Batman, Nightwing, Catwoman, Bane, Msk of Tengu Batman. (February 2006).
  • DC Direct Re Activated: Previously released figures that have been re-tooled and/or replainted. - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Lobo. (November 2006).
  • Crisis On Infinite Earths Series 1: - (New production run) Supergirl, Monitor, Earth 2 Robin, Psycho Pirate, Harbinger. (June 2006).
  • Crisis On Infinite Earths Series 2: - Anti-Monitor, Robot Brainiac, Earth 2 Superman, Barry Allen Flash, Battle Armor Lex Luthor. (June 2006).
  • DC, The New Frontier Series 1: - Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Black Hawk. (July 2006).
  • Elseworld Seires 2: - Red Son Batman, Red Son President Superman, Kingdom Come Jade, Kingdom Kome Spectre & Norman McKay, Gotham By Gaslight Batman. (August 2006).
  • Green Lantern Series 2: - Manhunter Robot, Guy Gardner, Shark, Saalak, Sinestro. (August 2006).
  • Identity Crisis Series 1: - Zatanna, Green Arrow, Dr. Light, Hawkman, Deadshot. (Available Now).
  • Identity Crisis Series 2: - Batman, The Flash, Elongated Man, Black Canary, Captain Boomerang. (March 2006).
  • Infinte Crisis Series 1: - E-Prime Superboy, Alexander Luthor, OMAC, Power Girl, Mongul. (September 2006).
  • JLA Classified Series 1: - Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern. (April 2006).
  • Justice League (Alex Ross) Seires 3: - Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, the Joker, Poision Ivy. (May 2006).
  • Justice League (Alex Ross) Series 4: - Shazam, Black Adam, Zatanna, Hawkman, Solomon Grundy. (September 2006).
  • Silver Age Superman Series 1: - Superman Robot, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White. (May 2006).
  • Superman/Batman Series 2: The Return of Supergirl - Supergirl, Superman, Batman, Darkseid, Corrupted Supergirl. (June 2006).
  • Batman Dark Victory Series 1: - Commisioner Gordon, Penguine/Robin 2-pack, Batman, Scarecrow. (October 2006).

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Marvel Legends 2006 Preview!

Marvel Legends preview over at Comics Continuum has official press images for series 13 and 14, plus Icons, Masterworks and the Face Off 2 packs.

FYI - the article does not have this information but Superhero Sightings does. Here are some things you may not know about the upcoming Marvel Legends.

  • Onslaught, the build a figure for wave 13, is only 8" tall compared to 16" and 18" previous build a figures.
  • Also, the 12" Icon figures will retail for $14.99 and so will the Face Off 2 packs. That is cheap for 12" figures that are articulated and detailed as these are.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

More Toy Biz Marvel Toy Fair Coverage

This comes from TOY BIZ Coverage at Action Figure Insider. This article lists a few more things you may not know about yet.

Marvel Legends 2 packs series 2 - First Appearance Punisher vs. Jigsaw, First Appearance Wolverine vs. First Appearance Sabertooth, Modular Iron Man vs. Mandarin

X-Men - Wave 3 - Colossus, Ultimate Sabretooth, Ultimate Nightcrawler, Ultimate Iceman (Variants- De-Iced Bobby Drake and basic Iceman w/snow shield) X-treme Rogue and Avalanche.

Spider-Man Classic - Upcoming Waves will include - New Electro, Jack O'Lantern, Shocker, clear "Stealth" Venom, Hydro-Man, Hobgoblin, Spider-Hulk, Sandman rerelease.

Spider-Man 13" rotocast figures - New Spiderman, Black Spider-man costume, Daredevil.

See lots of pictures at the link listed above.

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Toy Biz Marvel News in 2006 from Toy Fair

Toy Biz released information and revealed toys from 3 new lines in 2006 in addition to news on Marvel Legends and what will happen when Hasbro takes over in 2007 at the New York Toy Fair going on right now.

New for 2006 will be Marvel Legends Icons, a 12" line, Fantastic Four animated from a new animated show this year and Marvel Legends Master Works. Toy Biz also showed off several all new Marvel Legends including the new 2 packs, the House of M boxset, series 13, series 14 (no X-Babies) and the Wal-Mart exclusive wave. See the pictures at Toy News International.

Here's the report coming out of Toy Fair on the future of Marvel toys in 2007 from Toy News International.

Hasbro is taking over all in 2007: Production, design, the control of where the line goes. But not to worry TB is throwing a ton of stuff this year to keep us broke for awhile. Jesse hinted that ML would continue once Hasbro takes over and that some actual X3 based fugues would be released in 07 thru ML. I'm sure that can change between now and then but that's thw word for now. We got lots of pics coming so stay tuned.

There you have it looks like Marvel Legends is alive and well at least for 2006.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Toy Fair 2006 Coverage Begins!

SuperHero Times has great coverage of Toy Fair 2006 already up! Check out their site to see photo galleries and info on DC Direct, Diamond Select, Corgi and Lego. More details sure to come so stay tuned.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

An Ultimate Avengers Clip

An Ultimate Avengers Clip on has a link to a about a minute and a half preview of the new Ultimate Avengers movie. The movie is not due to be out in stores for 2 more weeks.

I watched the clip, and the animation is pretty good. It also seems to follow the origin of the Ulitmates pretty well. I will probably get the video once it comes out. I have to say it looks pretty credible although they may censor it more for the younger crowd.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Marvel Legends 13 in Toy Fare #104!

The new Toy Fare came this weekend. I was suprised because it usually comes late. I was also suprised to find lots of new information on Marvel toys. Inside it has pics of new Fantastic Four classics, Dragon Man, Kang, Sue Storm and another Thing. Spider-man classics has Hobgoblin, Hydro Man and Spider Hulk. It also has pics of Marvel Legends 13 and a Q and A with Jesse Falcon. Here are the details, but I cannot post scans due to legal reasons.

Fantastic Four: It doesn't say how big Dragon Man is. It says the figures are in the 6" scale. They're not together so you can't compare. There is also Transforming Johnny Storm with attachable flame parts. Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm, Kang and Dragon Man look super-srticulated. Thing does not. It says that all the FF designs are from the Ultimate Universe except for the villians which are old school. Release date says May.

Spider-man series 17: Hydro-man has an interchangeable lower half. One is a water base and I assume the other is a pair of legs. It doesn't show it. Spider-Hulk design is from Web of Spider-man #70. Hobgoblin is definitely classic style and super-articulated. He has a pumpkin bomb in his hand and he is riding the glider. The glider looks new and is sculpted with clouds underneath it. Release date says April.

Marvel Legends 13: Pics of the Goblin variant are out there. It looks the same but with the Goblin head instead of the Norman Osborn head. It looks like the new Goblin and Hobgoblin are using the same body type but the gliders are different. Lady Deathstrike looks like crap. Abomination looks super-cool and is definitely a new sculpt. Every figure comes with a piece of Onslaught. All I can say is it looks the same as the pictures that were posted elsewhere from the UK Toy Fair.

Jesse's interview: Jesse says in the interview the Onslaught is the crab monster version. Not the Magneto looking one.

He says the vs. cards are included plus a cardboard diorama insert will be included with brand new character specfic artwork. Abomination has a destroyed Gamma lab. Pyro has a giant flame monster. Lady Deathstrike has Spiral's lab.

Jesse says they will do they figures that were supposed to be pack in villians at some point but they don't know how. And that it didn't make sense to buy a bunch of Loki figures to get a bunch of Hydra agents. Boxset anyone?

He says all of the New Avengers are being done at some point in '06. I don't believe Ronin has been announced yet. Did he forget about him or is there something else in store?

Jesse says they will definitely do the new Spider-man costume in Marvel Legends. I think any plans after this year are in question until we know more of what Hasrbo has planned.

He says the Fantastic Four line will have 2 lines and then be based on the new animated series that is coming out. The last thing he says is,

"There is a line that we are going to be showing at Toy Fair. It shall not be named. When the retailers came in, we changed from doing one assortment to doing three assortments. So its going to be big. I'm drooling."

There is an article in there about Hasbro taking over the Marvel license but it doesn't say anything new. It basically just breaks down what we already know from the press releases.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Marvel Legends 13 & 14 at Toy Fair!

The UK Toy Fair happened this week. Toy Biz unveiled pictures, not actual prodcut, of Marvel Legends series 13 and 14 at the show. The people that were allowed in could not take photographs but they could report on what they saw.

Some pictures showed up online however of what Toy Biz was showing off. These were most likely taken when Toy Biz was not looking. Anyway, this has prompted a response from Toy Biz as posted on Not sure if this is from Toy Biz or not, but here it is.

The recent images of Marvel Legends assortments 13 & 14 that emerged from UK Toy Fair are inaccurate. Models of the real Marvel Legends assortments will be on display next week during NY Toy Fair. We have always encouraged reporters to verify news through our home office for accuracy. Unfortunately, many people choose timing over accuracy.

So, Toy Biz is obviously not happy that these pictures are online. But they are confirming that they will be revealing actual prototypes of Marvel Legends 13 and 14 next week in New York. There you have it.

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