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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Marvel Legends 12 Case Pack Changes

I read on one of the forums tonight that at the Toys R Us stores in California, cases of Marvel Legends 12 have the purple X-23 version instead of black costume version and the Maestro figure comes with the Apocalypse arm cable that was missing from earlier shipments.

There has always been some dispute over which is the variant of the X-23 figure. Earlier shipments outside the US had the purple costume version, and shipments to the US had the black costume version. The press photo that Toy Biz released showed the black costume version, and Toy Biz did not officially announce that this was a variant. I recently ordered the purple version online, so I hope I do not find the purple one in the store. I should get it way before they show up around here though, hopefully by the end of the week.

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UK Toy Fair News: Marvel Legends

UK TOYFAIR: What's Happening With Marvel Legends? at reports Marvel news from the UK Toy Fair that is going on right now. I was not aware the UK Toy Fair would be this week, but I think I remember that it is normally held around this time every year.

On to Marvel Legends news! The representatives from that site were allowed in but were not allowed to take pictures. Here are some of the things they saw, which you can read in full by visiting the link above.

  • Apparently, once Hasbro has the line, they will be doing Marvel Mr Potato Heads similar to the Darth Tater from Star Wars.
  • They showed Marvel Legends Icons 12" figures, Ultimate Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Green Phoenix.
  • They had 2 of the Marvel Legends Face Off Twin Packs on display. Kingpin vs. Daredevil has a Kingpin in a black suit and a Daredevil with his hood pulled back to show him wearing his glasses. The other set was Hulk vs Leader.
  • They had Marvel Legends 13, and the build-a-figure is Onslaught.
  • They had Marvel Legends 14, and the author couldn't recall the name of the build-a-figure. There is also X-babies with this wave as an extra pack-in with each figure. These were described as a 1" non articulated piece.
  • They also had the new X-Men line as well as the Spider-man line.
  • From the Spider-man line, they showed Hydro-Man, Shocker, Mad Jack and a stealth Venom.
My thoughts on this, the Daredevil 2 pack he describes is probably the variant version. I am not very excited about X-babies, but I am excited about the 12" figures and the Onslaught build-a-figure. I can't wait until Toy Fair where we can see actual pictures!

Update: I found a link to pictures of more Marvel Legends products, including the Monsters box set, the Young Avengers box set and the Marvel Masterworks line, courtesy of again.

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Marvel X-Men Action Figure News

This news coming from, Astonishing X-men Beast Variant shows pictures of a Beast variant with a sculpt from the Astonishing X-Men comic. I actually prefer this version over the regular one. I hope it is easy to find.

Magneto Becomes The Ultimate is a review of the new Magneto figure also from this line. Both figures are from the second series of the X-Men line, which are not showing up in the US yet.

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Kingpin Mini-bust Coming Soon!

I have been trying to track down the Kingpin mini-bust by Bowen. I haven't collected mini-busts before. But, when I saw the Spider-Woman mini-bust by Bowen, I had to have it. And I got it for Christmas.

I said the same thing when I saw the Bowen Kingpin bust. I saw somewhere that it would be out in January 2006. I told my local comic book store owner I wanted one. But, here it is almost the end of January and no Kingpin.

I starting looking up every site I could find that sells these, and they all say that it is shipping this month. I saw one site that said it would ship February 22nd. This sounded about right to me being that January is almost over. I even asked my comic book guy today about it, and he told me he heard the middle of February as well.

Well, last night I went straight to the source and e-mailed the manufacturer. Here is the response I got.

In response to your questions; Unlike comics, our statues can arrive to comic shops any day of the week, not just Wednesday. Kingpin will actually start shipping on Monday 1/30.

There you have it. If you are like me and wondering where this bust is, it ships Monday according to Bowen.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Coming Soon: Toy Fair 2006!

The time is almost upon us. Yes friends, the annual New York Toy Fair will be here in less than a month. You can find out all the details here at Superhero Sightings. Once the coverage starts, I will post as much superhero toy releated news as I can find. I myself will not be attending but will be patrolling all the major sites and forums as usual.

What to Expect

Toy companies use this time to make major announcements for the year ahead for their respective toy lines. So for the next couple of weeks, don't expect much toy related news to be released. Most of the toy companies will be saving it for this event. Expect big news from all the major toy companies on the big lines for 2006, Superman Returns, X-Men 3, DC Superheroes, Fantastic Four, as well as the collectors favorite, Marvel Legends, and others.

This event is not open to the public, but only to members of the press. You can still get in though. If you know someone who has a publishing outlet, for example, a web site that may feature toys among other things, you can get a press pass to get in. But, to talk to any toy reps you usually have to set up an appointment. You also may have to have reservations to get into some areas. Some companies only will allow a certain number of people from any given source per day.

The Details

The Toy Fair is in New York at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from Sunday, February 12th through Wednesday the 15th. Here is the link to the site where you can find out more information about the 2006 New York Toy Fair.

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Retailer News: Alter Ego Comics


Now Available to Pre-Order:

Now In Stock:
  • DC Direct: Secret Files Series 2 Action Figures

  • Marvel Select: Days of Future Past Wolverine Figure

  • Marvel Legends Series 12: Sasquatch

  • Marvel Legends Series 12: Maestro

  • Marvel Legends Series 12: Bishop

  • Marvel Legends Series 12: X-23

Arriving This Week:
  • Marvel Milestones: Death of Phoenix Statue

  • Marvel Universe Thor Bust

  • Marvel Universe Bearded Thor Special Edition Bust

  • Premiere Collection She-Hulk Statue

  • X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga: Colossus Statue

Coming Soon:
  • Dr. Doom 1/4 Scale Premium Format Figure

  • DC Direct: Silver Age Batman & Robin Statue

  • DC Direct: Superman Cover to Cover: Superman #1 Statue

  • Women of the DC Universe: Wonder Woman Bust

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Superman Returns Movie Toys

Superman Returns Movie Toys on Toy News Internation reports that is taking pre-orders from the upcoming Superman toys based on the new movie due out this summer. Here is a list of what they have up currently.

Superman Returns Movie Action Figure Clark To Superman
Superman Returns Movie Action Figure Flying Superman
Superman Returns Movie Action Figure Super Breath Superman
Superman Returns Movie Action Figure Super Strength Superman
Superman Returns Movie Dress Up Set
Superman Returns Movie Remote Control Figure Flying Superman
Superman Returns Movie 10" Roto-Cast Figure Superman
Superman Returns Movie Fight n' Fly Cape
Superman Returns Movie Punch n' Crush Gloves
Superman Returns Movie Figure Sky Strike Superman
Superman Returns Movie Plush Action Figure Swingshot Superman
Superman Returns Movie Deluxe Action Figure Truck Lifting Superman

Mattel is doing these toys so the most recent thing to compare what these figures will be like is the Batman Begins line. This worries me a little bit. I did not like any of the 6" scale Batman figures from the movie line. The sculpting was good but they had way too many Batman variations, and the articulation was poor. Also they were more like a 5" line than 6". I don't own any of the smalle scale figures, but I do own the 13" figure from Mattel. I happen to like that one a lot so I am looking forward to a 13" scale Superman figure from Mattel.

I think if they made them more like the new DC Superhero line that is out, they could be a lot better. But they are about to do a Superman series in that line so that wouldn't make much sense. If the figures do have better articulation, I think that would improve them a lot, but as you can see from the list above, they already have multiple Superman variations planned.

According to ToyWiz, these are planned to ship in March, but I bet we will see prototypes at Toy Fair next month, if not before then.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Marvel Legends Pre-Orders

The Outer Reaches Action Figures & Collectibles has several pre-orders listed for upcoming Marvel Legends, including the Wal-Mart exclusive series. This series is listed as possibly including:

Captain Britain
Kitty Pride
Ant Man
AOA Sabretooth
AOA Wolverine
Sentry (Variant)
Ant Man (Variant)

This is a total of 9 figures in this wave in a case of 12, in addition to being exclusive. You can bet these will be hard to find! According to the site, they are due to arrive in April with Marvel Legends series 13 due in May. By the way, this retailer is located in Canada.

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DC Direct Products For September 2006

DC Direct Products For September 2006 at TNI shows pictures and line ups for 2 lines from DC Direct that will be hot with collectors, Infinite Crisis series 1 and Justice League (by Alex Ross) series 4. Check out Power Girl for the biggest boobs ever on an action figure! At least the figures are comic accurate.

Infinite Crisis series 1:

Alex Luthor
Earth-Prime Superboy
Power Girl

Justice League series 4:

Black Adam
Solomon Grundy

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Ultimate Avengers DVD Update!

Lionsgate has announced the DVD special features for Ultimate Avengers, which will be released on Feb. 21. Go to the above link to see the box art. DVD Specs:

* "Avengers Assemble" Featurette.
* The Ultimate Voice Talent Search.
* What Avenger Are You? DVD-ROM game.
* A first look at Ultimate Avengers II.
* Avengers Trivia Track.
* Animated interactive menus.
* Trailer gallery.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Updated: Hasbro to Produce Marvel Toys in '07

Rumors began this weekend out of the Hong Kong toy show that the Marvel toy license is expiring and that Hasbro was picking up the license. It has been confirmed that the license does expire this year, but many fans were concerned over the idea that Hasbro might produce Marvel figures. There was also a lot of confusion surrounding this as the current producer of Marvel Toys, Toy Biz, is owned by Marvel.

Well, the confusion still exists, but it is official. In Hasbro Picks up the Marvel License over st Super Hero Times, Hasbro announced that they will produce Marvel toys beginning in 2007. In addition to this, Marvel Press Statement on the Hasbro Deal is a Marvel press release at detailing how Marvel has ended its distribution deal with Toy Biz Worldwide a year early effective at the end of 2005. Marvel will produce everything in house until 2007 when Hasbro takes over the license.

What does this all mean? What Does the Hasbro / Marvel Deal Mean? by Adrian at is a long article detailing the whole saga including the relationship between Toy Biz, Marvel and Toy Biz Worldwide.

Here is what I think is going to happen. I think that Hasbro will be developing, producing and distributing all of the Marvel toys beginning in 2007, based on what I read. I think that Marvel is getting out of the toy business, and this is the way to do it. What does this mean for Toy Biz? I think Toy Biz will be dissolved and absorbed into Hasbro or Marvel. They do have the licenses for addtional toy lines. I think those will be absorbed as well. I don't see anyway for Toy Biz to continue without the Marvel line.

What will happen to Marvel Legends and similar lines? I don't think they will continue, at least not like they are now. I don't see how Hasbro can continue to produce them in the same fashion as they are now without changing them. Now, I know relatively little about the toy business. I hope Hasbro proves me wrong, and they do an even better job than Toy Biz. I hope we find out more at Toy Fair next month.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Batman: Long Halloween Action Figures Review

Tonight, more superhero action figure reviews! First up, we have Batman: Long Halloween action figures reviewed Michael Crawford over at his web site.

Second, Michael has a guest reviewer on his site reviewing Marvel Legends series 11.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hasbro to Distribute Marvel Toys in 2007?

This is a rumor, as I cannot confirm anything official right now, but it has been reported on several toy collecting message boards that Hasbro will have the rights to distribute Marvel figures in 2007. This news is reportedly coming out of the Hong Kong Toy Fair which is going on right now.

Apparently under the current relationship, Toy Biz, the company that produces Marvel toys, is owned by Marvel. However, the license to distribute the toys is owned by a company called Toy Biz Worldwide which is a separate company from Toy Biz and Marvel. It has been confirmed that the distribution license will end in 2006. So the news that Hasbro will be getting the license in 2007 makes sense.

There is a lot of confusion over this among fans. I will continue to report on this as the story develops. But if this is true, I think it will be a good thing as long as it is Toy Biz who designs and develops the figures. It seems to me since Hasbro is a much larger company than Toy Biz Worldwide, it would be of benefit to Toy Biz and Marvel to have Hasbro distibute the figures.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sideshow Collectibles Marvel News

The Sideshow e-newsletter comes out tomorrow but subscribers get a preview a day early. They actually post it online a day early and members can login to their account and read the newsletter. I didn't actually know this was a feature so this was the first time I had seen it. Anyway onto the news...

Sideshow is really delving into the Marvel license in 2006. They announced the X3 movie license recently and have 2 new collectibles up for pre-order, the X3 Beast Maquette and the X3 Juggernaut Maquette.

I have a few comments about these, first off the Beast figure is based on initial designs for the movie not the final version. That said, look at his unit! Not sure what to make of that, but it kind of reminds me of the Beast version of the famous David statue. Second, Juggernaut really looks like Ram-Man from Masters of the Universe.

I saved the best for last. Sideshow is doing another diorama based on the comic designs, The Incredible Hulk vs. Spider-Man Diorama. This blew me away, and I have only seen the previews. 2006 looks to be a promising year for Marvel and Sideshow.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Creative Team Announced for New Wolverine Series

Way, Dillon Named As Wolverine: Origins Team at Newsarama announces that Marvel has confirmed that Daniel Way and Steve Dillon will be the creative team on the new series, and Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada will be the series cover artist. According to the story, Marvel did confirm that, beginning in June, Wolverine will not be a part of the two X-Men teams (X-Men and Uncanny, though he will be appearing in Astonishing).

The new series was only announced yesterday, and I assumed it would be awhile before we found out who the creative team was. That said, I am fine with Way writing it. He is writing the current series, and I like what I have read of his. Dillon would not be my choice for the artist though. I think that Dillon, like a lot of artists, draws people the same. I also do not like the way he tends to draw them. Joey Q is doing the covers though, and it is Wolverine so I will probably buy it. I loved the first "Origin" series and from what I can tell Way seems to know what he is doing.

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Marvel Legends Fight Scenes Update!

You can still vote for the Marvel Legends Fight Scene over at It is now in week 4, and there are 2 finalists left, Spider-man vs. Venom or Ultimates vs. Hulk. The winning scenes will be used in all new Marvel Legends product line that has not been announced yet.

I want to know who votes on these things. I admit, Ultimates vs. Hulk would be cool, but these two were not in any of my votes. I'm guessing that since you can vote once per day someone is going on there everyday and voting for these choices.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Wolverine Series from Marvel

In Joe Fridays #31 over at Newsarama, Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada, hinted that there was a new Wolverine "origin" series in the works.

Today Marvel officially announced, Wolverine: Origins, a new series that will run alongside the current Wolverine series. According to Marvel, this series picks up where the first origin series left off and that major questions will be answered. Apparently, the storyline will not follow any particular order. The series is stated to be released in April.

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Michael Crawford Superhero Toy Reviews

Marvel Legends series 11 action figures by Michael Crawford is a detailed review with pictures of Marvel Legends series 12.

Michael has another review over at Movie Poop Shoot of the 18" Apocalypse build a figure for Marvel Legends series 12.

I have had series 12 and the Apocalypse for almost a month now, and I have to say I pretty much agree with Michael here. I bought the whole series for the included figure so I would not have bought most of these alone. That said, I really like the Wolverine, Iron Fist and the variant Bishop. The rest are good but not essential to me.

The Apocalypse really delivers as well. I have decided I am going to refrain from buying a whole series to get the build a figure though. If I can't piece it together another way, then I don't need it.

Michael also has a guest review up of the Marvel Legends series 10 Angel.

Going back a few days, Michael also reviewed the new DC Superhero figures. The Batman was the only one I was really excited about from the first seris. I saw this figure in person recently, and it really looks cool. I passed on it for now though for 2 reasons, one, it was $10 at Target, and two, the pins in the knee joint are blue! Check the pictures to see what I am talking about. I guess you can paint over them but to me it throws the whole figure off.

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Ultimate Avengers

Ultimate Avengers is the official site for the upcoming DVD release coming February 21. You can view the trailer but a lot of the other features are not currently available. You can still download wallpapers and use the forums though. It also looks like you will be able to pre-order the movie from the site.

Edit: It also looks like the movie will be rated PG-13. I think a lot of people will not expect that and may overlook it. Granted the last Spider-man was PG-13 and so was the most recent Batman movie. But this is a cartoon which most people will assume is okay for kids to watch.

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Batman Begins one of the top selling DVD's for 2005

Batman Begins one of the top selling DVD's for 2005 at Superhero Times has a list of the top selling DVD's for 2005 from Home Media Research. Batman came in at number 10, but even more impressive, the Incredibles, another Superhero movie, came in at number 1!

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Upcoming "X3 Movie Maquettes from Sideshow Collectibles

Preview our upcoming "X3" Movie Maquettes over at Sideshow gives us fans a look into the collecitbles from the X3 movie which debuts in May. The link show an image of an X with Wolveine's claws positioned in front of it. This the image that is currently on the movie posters out right now.

I am assuming that a 3D representation of this is going to be the first release in this series. According to Sideshow, newsletter subscribers will be the first to be notified when these items will be up for pre-order.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Fantastic Four Classic Review!

Fantastic Four Classics Arrive over at Action Figure Times has a review and pictures of the complete series. These figures are currently hitting retail right now, though I have not seen them hitting my area yet.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Retailer News: Big Bad Toy Store

DC DIRECT PREORDERS: We've just listed the newly announced DC items and
we'll be catching up on listing the previous months releases in a few
days. New preorders include:

-- Superman Through the Ages Giftset - $34.99
-- Superman Cover to Cover: Special '83 #1 Statue

-- Batman Elseworlds Wave 2 Set of 5 - $59.99
-- All Star Batman & Robin Statue - $194.99
-- Batman Black & White Statue (Steve Rude version) - $44.99
-- Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica - $299.99

Green Lantern:
-- Green Lantern Series 2 Set of 5 - $59.99

MATTEL'S JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED: The first wave of figures has sold
extremely well and we've just received news from Mattel about the second
round of releases. Preorders are now listed for three new 3-Packs and
four new single figures. Some of the figures included are: Wildcat,
Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter 3-Pack, Dr. Fate, Vixen, Dr. Light,
Aquaman & More! Singles are $4.99, 3-Packs are $8.99


-- Marvel Milestone: Frank Miller's Daredevil Statue $139.99
-- Captain America 5" Head Bust - Alex Ross - $34.99
-- Green Goblin 5" Head Bust - Alex Ross - $34.99
-- J. Jonah Jameson Bust - $41.99
-- Dark Phoenix Saga: Storm Medium Statue - $69.99

Marvel Minimates:
-- Minimates Max 8" Sentinel Statue - $74.99
-- Minimates X-Men Darktide DVD Box Set - $13.99

BOWEN DESIGNS - MARVEL STATUES & BUSTS: We'll now be carrying all the new
releases from Bowen Designs as well as work on picking up some of the
previous releases. Up for preorder now are the Attuma Bust, Super Skrull
Bust, and 18" Moon Knight Statue. They are priced at $44.99, $49.99, and
$184.99 respectively.

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