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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Corgi to Produce Exclusive Marvel Figures

More good news for Marvel fans, Corgi sent out a press release yesterday detailing their new Marvel figures. This is interesting because the figures will be die cast metal in a 6 inch scale. They report that the initial Marvel line will be introduced at the American International Toy Fair in February, 2006, and will include Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor as well as other heroes and villains. They also report that they will be produced in very limited quantities, and priced to encourage consumers to collect the complete line. The first figure produced in the series will be exceedingly limited and sure to enhance collectibility. Each character will be produced in 3D along with alter ego figures and adversarial characters so collectors can build a comprehensive collection.

I think this is good news. This could be a great alternative to the Marvel Legends style figures. One thing I don't understand is their statement on pricing. That could mean anything. The other thing that is interesting is that "exceedingly limited" line. I guess hard to find variants are the trend right now in the collectibles market. I'm not happy about that but the line is not even out yet so we will wait and see how well they do.

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Alex Ross Justice League Batman Reviewed

The second series of the Alex Ross Justice League figures hit this week. I don't have mine yet but Michael Crawford has his and he also has his review up. I have been reading his column for years and I am a big fan. Check it out to get the scoop on this cool and sure to be popular figure!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Marvel Movies Update

Marvel is announcing that Punisher 2 will be in theaters late next year, and that they will have 10-15 character franchises going on at the same time. This comes from Peter Cuneo, vice president of Marvel Entertainment. Marvel recently announced a deal to produce its own films, with Paramount distributing, and that this will give them more control over release dates. Another upcoming Marvel project is the Fantastic Four animated series. Cuneo said that the Fantastic Four animated series, produced by France's Antefilms, will serve as a bridge between the first FF movie and the second. Read the full story at Comics Continuum.

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Retailer News: Big Bad Toy Store

Here is a quick update from about a variety of new arrivals and pre-orders.

MARVEL LEGENDS 10: We have a limited number of full sets of 7 with Mystique available again at $79.99, partial sets of 6 that will still get you the full Sentinel figure are also available for $65.99.

Check it out. My guess is they are going fast.

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Marvel Pulse Weekly Newsletter: Inaugural Edition

Great news... Marvel now has a weekly e-newsletter called the Pulse. The first issue was released today. I believe it was sent to members of the web site. Otherwise, I'm not sure how they got my e-mail address. Here is a description from the newsletter on what to expect from Marvel:
The wait is over True Believers! The Marvel Pulse Weekly Newsletter begins . . . Now. Each week we'll be sending you the latest news from the hallowed House of Ideas. You'll be among the first to receive information from Marvel Studios, Marvel Games, Toybiz and your favorite Marvel comics. Take a look below for a taste of what you'll be seeing each week.
There you have it. You can view it online here.

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Justice League (Alex Ross) Series 2 Figures Ship This Week

Due to hit comic and specialty shops Wednesday, the series consists of Aquaman, Batman, Black Manta, Black Canary and Parasite. The 1st series was a hit with collectors, and the second series won't last long so get them while you can. The figure designs are based on the artwork of painter Alex Ross. Click here to find out more.

I have the Superman from the first series, and it is one of my favorites. I will be looking for the Batman to compliment him.

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Spider-man 3 Villians?

According to a story published on, on a press junket for her upcoming film Elizabethtown, actress Kirsten Dunst apparently confirmed what has been rumored for months, that is, the villains in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 will be Venom and the Sandman, played by Topher Grace and Thomas Hayden Church, respectively. To date, there has been no official word from either Sony or Marvel in regards to the villains in the film, though, as stated, rumor and speculation had been focused on the two villains since their respective casting announcements.

Sounds credible to me!

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Spider-man Classics series 17 Possible Listing

It's not offical yet, but a list of the line up for Spider-man Classics series 17 is going around the net. Here it is:

Spider Hulk Spider-Man
Spider Spinner Spider-Man
Web Splasher Spider-Man

What is noteworthy is the Spider Hulk, Hydro-man and Hob Goblin. Spider Hulk and Hydro-man will both be new but Hob Goblin has already been done. The list isn't official and even the Toy Biz announcements are subject to change. That makes me think they will not release another Hobgoblin figure but who knows? I hope we see pictures soon. I think the Spider Hulk and Hydro-man have a lot of potential.

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New Spider-man Figures up for Pre-Order at Wizard

Wizard has a pre-order of new Spider-man figures now available on their site. Here is the link:

Spider-Man Classic Action Figure Series 16 Assortment (Advance Order)

The series contains Spider-strength Spider-Man, Shark Trap Spider-Man, Spider Tracer Spider-Man, Venom, and Manwolf. The picture shown on the site is the same picture that appeared in this month's issue of Previews but it is bigger so you can see the figures better. It does not show the picture of Manwolf that appeared in Previews however.

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New Fantastic Four Figures up for Pre-Order at Wizard

Wizard has several pre-orders of new Fantastic Four figures now available on their site. The cool thing is they have pictures. These are the same pictures that appeared in this month's issue of Previews but they are bigger so you can see the figures better. Here are the links:

Fantastic Four Classic Action Figure Series 1 Assortment (Advance Order)
Fantastic Four Movie Action Figure Series 5 Assortment (Advance Order)
Fantastic Four Movie Action Figure Series 6 Assortment (Advance Order)

Note: The movie series 5 contains a figure of a Doombot and series 6 contains an Annihilus neither of which were in the movie. That seems strange to me.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wizard World Boston News

Bad news for people for people attending Wizard World Boston. According to Wizard, due to a filming schedule conflict Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes cannot attend WW Boston. Wizard also just announced, Greg Johnson, writer of the Ultimate Avengers animated movies, will be a guest at Wizard World Boston in two weeks. According to the convention's web site, the second poster for the film will be Iron Man. Here are the facts on the show:

When: Sept. 30 - Oct. 2
Guest of Honor: Joe Quesada

To purchase tickets and to find out more, go to the offical Wizard World Boston site.

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This Week: Comics News

Wizard World Boston - Greg Johnson, writer of the Ultimate Avengers animated movies, will be a guest at Wizard World Boston in two weeks. According to the convention's web site, the second poster for the film will be Iron Man.

August Sales Numbers - DC Comics' Justice #1 was the top-selling book and Marvel Comics was the top publisher for August, according to sales figures released by Diamond on Friday. Rounding out the top 10 books were New Avengers #8, New Avengers #9, House of M #5, Astonishing X-Men #12, Supergirl #1, Green Lantern #3, Green Lantern #4, OMAC Project #5 and JLA #117.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Writer Announced - Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof was named as the writer of the December-debuting Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, a six issue miniseries for Marvel. I am really looking forward to this. I didn't like the Ultimate X-men book but I really dig the Ultimates. I think this will be big.

Late Shippers - According to Diamond, DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #4, Justice League Unlimited: Jam-Packed Action TP, Superman/Batman #22, Rann/Thanagar War #6 and Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #4 have all been delayed for DC. Marvel Masterworks: Capt. Marvel Vol. 1 HC New/Var. Ed., Young Avengers #7, Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Human Torch Vol. 1 HC New/Var. Ed., Mary Jane Vol. 2: Homecoming Digest, Essential Spider-Man Vol. 7 and Powers #14 are all shipping late for Marvel, but the worst news is that Secret War: Book Five will be pushed back 2 months from 10/12/05 to 12/14/05. I WAS really looking forward to that one especially since they have kept readers in the dark and guessing for all four issues so far.

For more comic news, go to Newsarama.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Retailer News: Alter Ego Comics

Alter Ego Comics has just announced for pre-order a statue of Hawkeye from Hard Hero. It looks great! Click here to check it out. They also announced Hobgoblin Bust, Classic Wolverine Bust, Scarlet Spider-Man Statue, Modern Spider-Man Statue, all from Bowen Designs. I think the new Wolverine bust looks freakin' awesome! Also scheduled to ship this month is Justice League series 2 based on the artwork of Alex Ross. This is the series with the Alex Ross designed Batman. I am really looking forward to that Batman to go with my Alex Ross Superman.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fearsome Foes Boxset Found in California!

Readers on Fwooshnet report finding the new Marvel Legends Fearsome Foes boxset at Wal-Mart in California and Arizona. Check out the fearsome foes thread here. This is a gift set containing the Vulture, Carnage, Rhino, Lizard and Spider-man. This was announced by Toy Biz earlier this year. I am surprised as I did not think it would be out this soon, especially since series 10 is hitting the US right now. I don't know much about this boxset except that Vulture, Lizard and Rhino are new sculpts. The Carnage has a resculpted head and possibly body, and I believe the Spider-man figure is a reissue.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

DC Releases Infinite Crisis #1 Preview!

DC Comics has released its preview pages of Infinite Crisis #1 to Newsarama. The first issue runs 40 pages and is due in stores on October 12th. The solicitation for the first issue reads:

Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning; Covers by Jim Lee & Sandra Hope and George Pérez

It's finally here: the comics event so massive that it built over the first half of 2005, through COUNTDOWN, DAY OF VENGEANCE, RANN/THANAGAR WAR, VILLAINS UNITED and THE OMAC PROJECT! Prepare for the dawn of the DCU's darkest day in INFINITE CRISIS, a 7-issue miniseries written by Geoff Johns (GREEN LANTERN, JSA) with art by Phil Jimenez (OTHERWORLD, Uncanny X-Men) & Andy Lanning (OTHERWORLD) and covers by George Pérez (CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS) and Jim Lee (BATMAN, SUPERMAN) & Sandra hope! Surrounded by their most fearsome enemies, the world's greatest heroes are divided within and without.

DC's icons — Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman — are joined by Nightwing, Supergirl, Donna Troy, Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl, Green Lantern, the Flash and more as they face their most dire hour. What happens next will destroy friendships and lives, dictating the direction of the universe for the next generation!

Years in the making, the greatest event to hit the DCU in over two decades is about to explode — don't miss out!

Check out the Infinite Crisis preview here.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Shipping This Week: Comics

Want to know which comics are shipping this Wednesday? Check back here every week. Here is what is shipping this Wednesday according to Diamond. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change.

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Marvel Legends Series 10 in Arizona is reporting that a reader found Marvel Legends 10 at a Toys R Us in Phoenix, Arizona. Looks like Toys R Us is the place to be for Marvel Legends in the US right now. Funny becuase my local Toys R Us has not carried Marvel Legends for a while.

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Shipping This Week: Statues

This is a feature I am adding here to let the reader know what superhero merchandise is showing up in stores and mailboxes all over the country every week. This week, online retailer Alter Ego Comics is receiving the 1/4 Scale Green Goblin Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Toys and the Classic Black Panther Statue from Bowen Designs. Both look good but I think I will be staying away due to the price tags.

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Marvel Legends Series 10 Reviewed, Part 2-3 of 3

Continuing the reviews of Marvel Legends 10 that I posted to a few days ago, parts 2 and 3 of the 3 part reviews of Marvel Legends are now online at Fwooshnet. Check out part 2 which covers Mystique, Black Panther, and Angel. Then check out the third and final review which covers the Sentinel, which you can build from the different pieces that come with each figure in series 10.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Marvel Toys Upcoming Assortments Announced

This is a few weeks old but here it is anyway. Toy Biz officially announced the line ups for waves 12 and 13 as well as upcoming boxsets and a new Fantastic Four Classics line. Here they are:

Marvel Legends Asst 12 - Apocalypse Series
Astonishing X-Men Wolverine
Unmasked Astonishing X-Men Wolverine - variant
"Maestro" Hulk
Iron Fist
Bishop - variant
Iron Fist unmasked - variant

Marvel Legends Asst 13 - Bring On The Bad Guys Series
Green Goblin
Lady Death Strike
Unmasked Green Goblin - variant
Crown of Lies Loki - variant
Melted Face Abomination - variant


Marvel Legends Young Avengers Gift Pack
Marvel Legends Monster Gift Pack

Fantastic Four Classics 6" Action Figure Asst 1
Human Torch
Mr. Fantastic
Super Skrull

First, I should point out that series 12 will continue the build-a-figure trend with pieces of a giant Apocalypse included with every figure. I don't think 13 will have a build-a-figure. Okay, my thoughts on this... I think an X-23 figure is lame. The character is brand new and not established, and they have a lot more ground to cover before they get to making figures of such character. I question the Young Avengers boxset for the same reasons. I personally plan on dropping the Young Avengers comic for a number of reasons but the overall one being that it sucked.

Next, do we really need a Fantastic Four Classics line? I think the Super Skrull is cool, but Hulk Classics failed after 2 waves and X-men didn't make it past one. We already have several variations of each character (except the one we need, Invisible Woman) and the first wave just has more of those characters. Which means, Super Skrull will be the most sought after and short packed and will be the hardest to find.

Lastly, I think the giant Apocalypse is lame because we already have an Apocalypse in the series. It does look good though, and my question is why couldn't they make the regular release like that instead of reusing a body mold which is too bulky? They need to focus on figures that have not been done yet and preferably can be bought several times like the Sentinel. People will buy more of those figures they don't need just to get multiple Sentinels. Toy Biz needs to pay more attention to their past mistakes.

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Marvel Legends 10 & 11 Reviewed

Check out the reviews of figures from Marvel Legends series 10 and 11 over at Action Figure Times. The figures they are reviewing are from an online retailer, Legends Action Figures. They are based out of Canada which got series 10 and 11 at about the same time before we got them in the US. Series 11 was scheduled to include the Scarlett Witch but that figure has been delayed until October when it will ship with series 11.

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TNI Spotlight: Marvel Legends Series 10

Check out a detailed photo gallery of Marvel Legends 10 on Toy News International. From the looks of these photos, this could be the one of the best Marvel Legends waves yet.

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Justice League Giftset from DC Direct

This set includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, John Stewart Green Lantern and an all-new Aquaman figure. You can check them out here at Toy News International. Look for this set at comic and specialty shops now.

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Sin City Recut & Extended DVD

Dimension Home Video has announced a Dec. 13 release for Sin City Recut & Extended, a two-disc set with a suggested price of $39.99. The package will include the original theatrical release, an expanded unrated version and bonus material. The new version of the film contains 23 additional minutes.

Personally, I now wish I had not already bought the DVD because I would prefer to have this much better version. I hate this policy that the movie studios now seem to have with all their DVD releases where they release the movie with no extras and then later after you already bought the movie, they release the super deluxe version. I should have known they would do this, and I should have waited. Oh well, I guess I will sell my copy and wait until December.

Edit: Additional extras on the disc include 17 un-interupted minutes of Tarantino's guest segment. The package will also include a copy of the first Sin City graphic novel, “The Hard Goodbye.” Click here to see the package art.

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Marvel Legends 10 Found in California

A reader over at the Toy News International forums posted that he found Marvel Legends 10 at a Toys R Us in Sacramento, California. According to his report, it was a variant case. Here is the case breakdown he found:

2 Spiderman
2 Mr.Sinister
2 Black Panther
1 Cyclops
1 Cyclops variant
1 Angel
1 Angel Variant
1 Omega Red
1 Mystique

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Marvel Legends Series 10 Reviewed, Part 1 of 3

Reviews of figures from Marvel Legends wave 10 are already popping up online. A reader over at Fwooshnet has posted his opinions of the new figures. In part one of these ML 10 reviews, the figures covered are Cyclops, Omega Red, First Appearance Spider-Man, and Mr. Sinister. Click here to check out the reviews. Overall, his opinion on these figures is very good, so series 10 looks promising for us collectors. Here's hoping he posts a good review of the Sentinel. One cool thing to point out is not only are the Omega Red figure's tentacles bendable but his pony tail is also poseable. Neat!

Permalink posted at 10:36 PM | 0 comments Gets Marvel Legends 10

Online retailer got in the new Marvel Legends series 10 this week. They are offering a couple of different assortments. The first is as a set of 6 without Mystique. With this set, you can still complete the Sentinel because Omega Red and Mystique have the same piece. There are 7 figures in the series but only 6 Sentinel pieces. They are currently sold out of the assortment that includes all 7 figures. They also have available 1st appearance Spider-Man, Cyclops, Angel, Black Panther and Omega Red as single figures, and they are all currently in stock. They had both variants available but are sold out of those as well. The variants for the wave are X-factor Cyclops and X-factor Angel, named for the costumes they appear in, which they wore while in X-factor. You can see all the assortments for sale at this link, as well as all their other ToyBiz product for sale.

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Marvel Legends 10 Hits UK Mass Market

Marvel Legends series 10 has been spotted at mass market retail in the UK as reported on You can read the story for yourself, but apparently they are showing up at a store called Asda. Series 10 is known as the Sentinel series and includes 1st appearance Spider-Man, Cyclops, Angel, Black Panther, Omega Red, Mr. Sinister and Mystique. Each figure comes with a piece that when put together forms a giant Sentinel figure. This is good news for US collectors because it means that they will show up at mass market here very soon.

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Welcome to Superhero Sightings!

I would like to welcome all readers to my site. This site is intended to be a place to find out news and reviews of superhero related stuff, such as comics, toys and movies. I also intend to publish Marvel Legends sightings as new assortments start to show up. Hopefully, this will allow all you fans out there to keep track of them. Let's get started!

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